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10 Games I’m Hoping to Play in 2017 (Plus 3 Expansions)

**Originally posted on 1/19/2017 on BGG, with one modification made to an honorable mention expansion because I have since traded the base game. As of right now I have played 6 of the games featured on the list and have another one still to play in my collection, along with two of the listed expansions in my collection but they are still unplayed.

It is early in 2017, and there is a lot of time for board games. I’ve begun a Geeklist of new-to-me games in 2017, and there is already quite the list on there thanks to a rather generous Christmas haul. There is still one game and three expansions on that list I have yet to play, but that won’t stop me from compiling a target list for 2017. Obviously, I would love more than anything to obtain these games. But I’ll restrain myself and just wish for at least one play…

**Note: These are in no particular order.

10. Forge War – This game is a combination of mechanics, from a nifty little mining game followed by worker placement followed by assigning your heroes to quests. I’d be very pleased to play this one, and it is probably one of those try-before-buy games because I’m not convinced my wife would love this one as much as I will. But at least there is solo play, right?

9. Scythe – Everyone is talking about this game, and I am positive this is the type of game that would be a hit for our house. The artwork, theme, and mechanics of this game make it stand out as a must-play. The solo option against automa intrigues me greatly. It also helps that everyone keeps talking about this one. Which leads me to…

8. Blood Rage – I think it is a coin flip between this and Scythe as to which I see discussed more. I think Scythe is the hotter one here on BGG, but some of the Facebook groups I’m in constantly talk about this one. I’ve been convinced of this game’s merit for months now, and I am a little sad it wasn’t in my Christmas haul. Anyone who knows me clearly knows I love Vikings. Add in a wargame element and a shrinking board and it adds up to an instant hit.

7. Invasion 1066: The Battle of Hastings – I am trying to dip my toes into wargaming but, sadly, many of the games that catch my eye are out of print. I want something centered around the Anglo-Saxon age of England, which makes this one a prime candidate at a great price. I’d rather pick up Men of Iron by GMT, but this will be a great one to test the waters with. And who knows, I might even get my wife to play it with me…

6. Five Tribes – Mancala mechanics plus worker placement equals an almost certain hit for my wife. This one will undoubtedly make my brain hurt, and I know she’ll wipe the floor with me more often than not. But this one is long overdue for us to play, especially now that we learned how much she loves worker placement games!

5. Tiny Epic Galaxies – Apparently my wife really wanted to get this one for me for Christmas due to how much we both enjoyed Tiny Epic Kingdoms. If this is anywhere close to being as fun as Kingdoms, we’ll have a blast playing this one. Bonus points for another soloable game on the list.

4. Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King – We enjoy Carcassonne, even if it is a little too plain for our tastes. We love Castles of Mad King Ludwig. Put the two together and you might have a new top-10 game contender for both our lists. This is another one I’ve been eyeing for far too long now, so it needs to hit a table for us.

3. Cry Havoc – Words cannot express how awesome this game sounds. It can’t quite overthrow my desire to play Blood Rage, but it is a close contender. If this was ranked in order, it’d probably be #2 on the list, even though it is one of the most recent additions to my watch list. I love a game where each faction plays very differently, and the clever use of cards for this one has caught my eye.

2. Stronghold (2nd Edition) – Helm’s Deep in board game form! Two players, two very different games to play. I have visions of playing War of the Ring, and when the Free Peoples retreats into their Stronghold we pull this game out to determine that battle. I think it’d take the whole weekend to finish that War of the Ring game, but it would be a blast. At least to defend one stronghold via this game…

1. Argent: The Consortium – Worker placement + Harry Potter-like theme. As soon as I read about this game, I knew this was the perfect match for my wife. Not only is it a worker placement game, but one where you can directly attack and manipulate the other player’s pieces. My wife reminds me that she likes to defeat me in games, and somehow I think that the aggression level in this one would play right to her strengths.

Honorable Mentions: Keyflower, Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft, Biblios, 7 Wonders Duel, Albion’s Legacy.

Three Expansions

3. Carcassonne: The Princess and the Dragon – Nothing will spice up that bland Carcassonne game like adding a dragon. We obviously need to also get the first two big expansions, and that would probably be it for this game, but this one sounds like exactly the type of expansion we’d love.

2. Tiny Epic Kingdom: Heroes’ Call – Why not double the land cards and the race cards for a game that we played and loved late in 2016? More variety to a game that already has variety, plus the addition of heroes to make things interesting.

1. Agricola: Farmers of the Moor – My wife really, really, wanted this for Christmas. But she told me that I couldn’t buy her anything board game related. So my hands were tied and the one person she expressed this one to ended up getting an expansion for Kingdom Builder instead. I’m hoping for word on a release date for the revised edition of this expansion, but this one is as close to a must-buy as anything can get for my wife.

Honorable Mentions: Kingdom Builder: Crossroads, Race for the Galaxy: Rebel vs Imperium

3 thoughts on “10 Games I’m Hoping to Play in 2017 (Plus 3 Expansions)

  1. Isle of Skye is a brilliant, brilliant game, hop you enjoy it.
    Farmers of the Moor has sat on my shelf for months waiting to come out and play, let us know what you think of it, it looks like it mixes it up quite a bit


    1. We enjoy Castles of Mad King Ludwig and always wish there was something more to Carcassonne, so I am pretty sure we’ll enjoy Isle of Skye.

      We just got Farmers of the Moor in a math trade…but we also just got Caverna. So far Caverna has seen 3 plays, but none for the new Agricola expansion. I’ll be sure to share…I’ve heard that it is one of the best board game expansions in terms of enhancing the experience.


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