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On the Table – April 2017

So far I’ve been consistent in having a recap post at the end of the month where I cover the games played, including win/loss tracking, for the month and a tally of Year-to-date. Today I had the idea to do a second monthly post, and in future months it will come closer to the 15th than this one, where I highlight some of what games we’re enjoying right now, what new (to us) games we can’t wait to play for the first time next, games we’ve played but don’t own that we are itching to play again, and one game on our couple’s wish list plus one on my solo wishlist.

Hot Games of April

Caverna: The Cave Farmers

My wife’s favorite game of 2016 (and, coincidentally, her favorite game overall) was Agricola. Something about the game really clicked with her, which opened us both into the Worker Placement mechanic. She hates the cards in Agricola, I hate the feeling of hopelessness that hovers over me for 3/4 of the game. This one seemed like it should please us both, and so far I think it delivers. She enjoyed it and we played a game three days in a row before putting it away for the time being. It might not fire Agricola for her, especially once we add in the Farmers of the Moor expansion, but I’d gladly play this over Agricola every time. My dwarves love to go on adventures to bring back furnishings for their cave!

War of the Ring (2nd Edition)

We’re moving in May, and going to a temporary relocation in a 2-bedroom apartment. One of the likely sacrifices is going to be the large, beat-up table that works well for large games like this and Firefly: The Game. So my wife suggested we should play them both before we move. We set this game up this week, played through, and after she destroyed the ring I asked if we should tear it down or reset the board. I’m so happy she said to reset the board. I’ll always welcome a round of my favorite game, and any week where I can play it 2-3 times is a wonderful week! We are trying out the Lords of Middle-Earth expansion, which made Rivendell hard to conquer and allowed her to use the rings to good effect while my Balrog was useless and Gothmog never led an army into conquest due to her lucky timing of getting Aragorn and Boromir in Minas Tirith…

Yeomen: The 9 Card Agincourt Game

This has been my hot solo game this month, and I’ve enjoyed every play of it. I still can’t seem to sneak out a victory, even though my last game I had a full combat area before the end of the second round. Even when I feel like I’m ahead, the game puts me back in my place and brings reality crashing down around me. I love a challenging solo game, which is why I enjoy Race for the Galaxy’s robot and Space Hulk: Death Angel. The review of this one just went up this week, and it is a free print & play game I cannot recommend highly enough.


I received this game from Osprey Games in exchange for a review, and it sounded like a simple yet enjoyable game for 1-2 players. I’ve played it only solo so far, and while I had fun with the first game it left me thinking it would be a real easy game to “solve” and would wear out its welcome. I’ve played that second game and, much to my surprise, I ended with a score lower than on my first play. That made me really rethink this game and how much depth it could have, and in a good way. I might have a very unexpected gem here with this one, although I am pretty sure the solo play will be better than the 2-player experience (much like I hear about Onirim, which I haven’t played yet)

Next Games on Deck

Lords of Scotland

This game has been sitting on the shelf since Christmas, which I got from my mom as a shot-in-the-dark game because she knew I liked board games but knows nothing about board games. I’ve played every other game that I received around that time, as well as many of the games purchased in February and even one from the Math Trade in March. Every time I think we should play this game, something more “interesting” wins out. And then I ran into a Geeklist the other day covering the top 50 games Caleb Bunch enjoyed playing with his wife. This game was on the list, and not just near the bottom hovering around the fringe of the list. It was a solid #22 on the list, above other games we’ve enjoyed like Lanterns, San Juan, and Agricola. Plus Joel from Drive Thru Review liked the game, and my tastes tend to align with his more often than not. So I think it is finally time to pull this one out.

9 Card Siege

Because Yeomen was such a hit for me, it was an easy choice to print out Chris Hansen’snewest game. I love the idea of sieging a Medieval castle, and that he chose to keep it open to the player’s interpretation about which castle is being sieged rather than choose one historical scenario. Yeomen also convinced me to buy cardstock for my new print & play aspect of the hobby and I have a binder now with another 3 games to try after I give this one a whirl, all designed for solo play.

Games We Can’t Wait to Replay


This was the first game we played at our first board game group game night we attended. It was a delightful 4-player experience with the Chibis expansion. Last month we attended part of the 12-hours of gaming at the same location and there were no open groups when we got there. They happened to have a copy of the base game on the demo shelf, so we snagged it and played through to see how it might hold up at home. We’ve both enjoyed the two plays of this game, and I had this game near the top of both Math Trades I’ve joined since that first play. I still haven’t been lucky enough to land a copy, but it is a game we’re likely to want to play again very soon. Especially my wife, she really enjoyed the game.

Albion’s Legacy

This game was on my wishlist for over a year. Every time I wanted to buy the game, I talked myself out of it because my wife isn’t a big fan of co-op games. But I have come back to this game time and again. I finally got a chance to play this a few weeks ago because someone in the area happened to have a copy and was willing to bring it to a game night. Three of us set forth on an adventure and, well, we didn’t even come close to victory. But I have found myself thinking back to the game often and am itching to give it another try, whether solo or with a group.

A Wishlist Feature


I don’t remember how this game came into my awareness, but once I got past the theme I was intrigued. It is funny, sometimes, how hearing the theme can prove a barrier to entry for a game. I had no desire for a Geisha theme, but then I started to hear about the game. When I looked into it, I saw Mina had posted a reviewon the game. iSlaytheDragon posted a review today of the game, bringing it back to my radar. For the number of components in this game, it seems like it has a lot of options to explore. And my wife will love the art on the game, which is an added bonus. For the price, it will be very worth getting. Well, once I’m “allowed” to buy more games, which probably won’t be until we play through at least a few more of the new unplayed games from the math trade.

Albion’s Legacy

Am I cheating by having this appear again? Perhaps, but this is probably the solo game I want more than any other solo game right now. I am a huge Arthurian literature fan, and for that alone this is my Grail Game of the moment. I almost pulled the trigger last week for a $15 copy of the first edition, but convinced myself to hold out and get the 2nd edition instead. The real problem will come when I decide to get the multitude of expansions for this game, but first I need to snag the base game and let my solo (and hopefully a few games with my wife!) adventures begin.


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