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On the Table – July 2017

So far I’ve been consistent in having a recap post at the end of the month where I cover the games played, including win/loss tracking, for the month and a tally of Year-to-date. Last month I had the idea to do a second monthly post where I highlight some of what games we’re enjoying right now, what new (to us) games we can’t wait to play for the first time next, games we’ve played but don’t own that we are itching to play again, and one game on our couple’s wish list plus one on my solo wishlist.

Hot Games of July


This game is outstanding. We played it three times in a row one morning and it definitely brings the brain burn when done back to back to back. This is a game with a lot of fun and interesting mechanics working together. It provides a really unique entry into the worker placement genre, and it might just be my favorite worker placement game. Easily in my top three for that category. This is one we just haven’t been able to revisit in the past week or so, which is the one thing preventing a review from getting up. I bet we fix that early in the week so that we can give you a bigger, better coverage of a game you should play by a company you should be watching.

Castles of Caladale

This is an unique entry as a hot solo game because it isn’t me playing this one so much solo…she is! Which is something that I really enjoy seeing and hearing about – Herbaceous is the other game that she’s been soloing a fair amount this past week. She is outstanding at games like Caladale, and with her solo feats I don’t know that I will ever be able to win a game of this against her in the future. Fantastic game that is a little more interesting than Carcassonne but not a very heavy game. We love some of the unique things it does with more players, but it also makes a nice solo option.

Next Games on Deck

Exile Sun

We got this one in a math trade back in March and there have been a few times she’s asked about it. Foolish husband that I am, I hadn’t read the rules yet each time she asked. That step has been corrected, but she hasn’t mentioned this one again since that happened. The smart husband would forego one of his own favorite games to pull this one out in the near future. I think this has the makings of being a hit with us, and I really think the battle system will be perfect in a 2-player game.

Sherwood’s Legacy

I love the solo on the first Lynnvander game, and I have no doubt I’ll enjoy this one just as much. I’ve never been quite as big into Robin Hood as I am into King Arthur, but I do enjoy Robin Hood quite a bit. When I punched this game out a few weeks ago, I really had to convince myself that I wanted to play Albion’s Legacy instead of this one. Ever since that night, I’ve had the temptation to pull this back out and play it. There is no way this remains unplayed through the end of this month.

Games We Can’t Wait to Replay

The Castles of Burgundy

She really likes this game. We actually picked it up off a friend for a good price, since his own wife never really enjoyed the game. She always asks for this one and I usually oblige. After listening to Heavy Cardboard talk about this game, I am itching to try it again. I’m yet to win a game of this one, but I almost always have fun while losing in this game. Except when she takes the building I need in the last round, leaving me just short of filling that 8-hex grouping. I’m not bitter at all about that…

Stamford Bridge: The End of the Viking Age

I really enjoy this game, and am curious to test out both maps again in a solo match. While I still need to drag my wife into a game, there is something relaxing about pushing the chits around on the map and trying to maneuver both sides into ideal situations and see where the dice happens to fall. The simple system makes this a really good solo wargame, as I’m not constantly flipping through the rules and there is only one chart to reference.

A Wishlist Feature

Stronghold (2nd Edition)

This game is one I’ve talked about before, dating as far back as my 10 games I want to play in 2017. This is one I still haven’t gotten a chance to try, and I am still convinced this will be an outstanding 2-player-only game. I love that each side plays very different, and I just want to have The Two Towers playing in the background while we battle over Helm’s Deep the stronghold.

Mage Knight Board Game

I think it is time for me to take the plunge into the quintessential solo game of all solo games. I don’t know how often it will hit the table, but I have a feeling that after one game of this I won’t care. This is the #1 solo game for a reason, and it is a game that sounds like it will hit all the right spots for me as well. Maybe I’ll try to find a day every few months where I can sit down, set up, and play a 3-6 hour game of Mage Knight. My wife can be understanding of my desire to play a game, and sometimes even supportive of my solo gaming decisions. The price tag has been the only thing keeping me from picking it up sooner. Here’s hoping for a Christmas surprise.


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