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October 2017 Gaming Recap

Over on BGG I provide a more detailed list of what games we play each month, who won/lost those games, and a full list of the games played in 2017 under three categories:

Games Played as a Couple

Games Played Solo

Games Played in a Group

For this blog, I want to approach my monthly recap posts a little different, and I will link to the BGG post at the bottom in case you want to see the more detailed list of data. I’ll still give the overall records, but my focus here will be to select a game that fits under each of several categories.

2-Player Gaming:

October Couples’ Record:
David – 14/25, 56%
Nicole – 10/25, 40%
13  Unique Games

2017 Couples Record:
David – 125/251 (49.80%)
Nicole – 125/251 (49.80%)
76 Unique Games (+7)

Most Played 2-Player Game: Century: Spice Road – We had a friend let us borrow the game and my wife wanted to make sure we got plenty of plays before it went back to them. It was enough to confirm that I really enjoy this game. Something about this really clicks for me, as I was able to steal a reasonable number of games. But, like all other games, I know my time of winning will come to an end eventually. She always ends up getting better at a game than me. Always. Unless I can practice it solo, like Race for the Galaxy…
Favorite 2-Player Experience: Lignum – She wouldn’t pick this as a favorite, but since Spice Road is getting two entries here already I wanted to gush about the game I can’t stop itching to play again. It is going to be a challenge to get it to the table often, but when I do I know this is going to always deliver a satisfying experience. That is something that few games can promise, like War of the Ring, and is something I value. I love the necessity to plan seasons ahead as you go along, as what you do now has a ripple effect into the future rounds. This game could be a serious contender for best game of 2017.
Best New-to-Us 2-Player Experience: Century: Golem Edition – The game isn’t different than Century: Spice Road, but wow this one is produced in a very different way. I really enjoy the chunky crystals (something my wife disagrees about) and love how this fits better into the box/insert. The art on these cards are fantastic. The colors catch the eye. If we’re going to get a version of the Century game, we both agree this is the one we’ll be getting.
Most Surprising 2-Player Experience: Jaipur – This was a game I was looking to play if the opportunity ever came up. To say we were both underwhelmed would be an accurate statement. She was tired and probably not in the best mindset to play the game. I was expecting some earth-shattering experience that would elevate this among the best 2-player only games out there. What I discovered was a good, fun game but it didn’t stack up to some of my favorites out there. We definitely plan to try it again, but so far this isn’t a game we’d be likely to purchase.
Next Unplayed 2-Player Game to be Played: Neverland’s Legacy – She was very interested in the Peter Pan theme when it arrived. But not once I mentioned it was cooperative. She’s finally played some good co-op games and has warmed up a little bit to them, so I think the time is finally right to play this one with her. It was a fun solo experience when I pulled it out, and while it is challenging it isn’t nearly as brutal as Albion’s Legacy. I can’t wait to find out what she thinks of this one when we play it.

Solo Gaming:

October Solo Record: 7/15, 46.67%
8  Unique Games

2017 Solo Record: 45/91 (49.45%)
32 Unique Games (+4)

Most Played Solo Game: Viticulture: Essential Edition – I raved about this one in my recent review, and those statements all stand. This is easily a top-5 solo game for me, and I will always be willing to pull this out for a quick play. Which says a lot, since I’m not the one who is a big fan of worker placement games.
Favorite Solo Experience: 
Lord of the Rings: The Card Game – Oh, how I have missed this game. I gave it away so long ago to a friend because I didn’t want to purchase more than a Core Set. I had reached a point where the Core Set offered nothing else for me, and so I thought a friend and his wife might enjoy it. Well, they had never played it and when he offered to let me have it back I jumped on that. I’ve played it a few times since it came back home and I can’t believe how much I’ve missed this game. It will be time to expand soon…as this game climbs up and challenges my #1 solo spot.
Best New-to-Me Solo Experience: Imperial Settlers – This was on my board game quest, and I decided to finally pick the game up along with its first expansion. It sounded like the sort of game I’d enjoy: card based, engine building, light civilization theme. After two plays, I can confirm that this is exactly the type of game I enjoy. The solo play of it might not be enough of a challenge, but this will definitely be a game I want to pull out and play when I can.
Most Surprising Solo Game: Lord of the Rings: The Card Game – See above.
Next Unplayed Solo Game to be Played: Friday – I don’t own the game, but I have a good friend who does and I’d love to try this one out. So my goal is to invite him back over, teach him Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, and then try out Friday. It’ll be a great time, even if Friday disappoints.

Group Gaming:

October Group Games:
26  Unique Games

2017 Group games:
99 Unique Games (+16)

Most Played Group Game: Star Wars: Destiny – This game reached the top one last time, since I went to two Destiny game nights. On those nights, I also played three games of Netrunner. I think I’ve reached the end of my interest in this game, even though it is brimming with all sorts of exciting new content coming out in the future.
Favorite Group Experience: 
War of the Ring (Second Edition) – This probably would have been Netrunner, but I can’t pass up a chance to love on my favorite game of all time. It was as epic and enjoyable as ever, and it was fun teaching the game to someone new. I lost, but only because getting to 10VP isn’t an instant-win condition. Their final die allowed the Fellowship to destroy the ring and steal victory from my grasp after I had conquered what I needed to win.
Best New-to-Me Group Experience: Lignum – Words cannot fully express how much I enjoyed this game. I already mentioned it above, so I’ll be brief here: it is a game that is great with two, but even better when you add more into there!
Most Surprising Group Game: The Game – I played this as a 2-player game a while ago and had some fun. When that same guy was over for a recent game night and we needed a closer, he wanted to pull this out. I was curious how it would be with four (it’s harder) and if my wife would like it. Surprisingly, she really enjoyed the game. And I think I do, too. This is one I think we’ll look to pick up eventually as a good filler for all player counts, including solo.
Group Game I Want to Play Most: Android: Netrunner – I like this game. And I mean that I really, really like this game. Which was a big surprise to me, since it never appealed to me when I would read up on the game. But it has that fun asymmetric style and a good bluffing aspect that can be used along the way. While it is more fun to be the aggressor and play the Runner, I have found some good enjoyment from being the Corp as well. This is a game I can’t wait to play again.

Be sure to check out the full slate of games played over at the BGG Blog by following this link:

Finally, an update on my Quest for Designers/Publishers. I’m sitting at 14/144 (+7) games played. If I had to throw them in an order of favorite to least-favorite, it would look something like this:

Argent: The Consortium
Viticulture: Essential Edition
Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King
Eight Minute Empire: Legends
The Castles of Burgundy
A Feast for Odin
Imperial Settlers
Caverna: Cave vs Cave

But, really, there are no bad games on this list. I’ll be updating this each month’s end as well, and maybe these rankings will fluctuate as well!


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