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First Video + Questions for Solo Gamers/Game Developers

Calling all game designers. My blog, Cardboard Clash, is going to focus exclusively on solo gaming during the month of May. I’m looking to increase awareness to the great variety of games out there. If you have a solo game (either a game designed exclusively as a solo game, or one that has an official set of rules to play it solo) you’ve designed that is available, even as a Print & Play, please email me at Still designing that solo game? Shoot me an email, too, as I’d love to help generate some excitement for that game. At the very least I plan to do a post sharing a plethora of games out there for solo gaming. I’d also be very happy to host an interview or some other special feature post about games or designers. Let me know if you are interested!

Additionally, those of us (like me) who haven’t designed games but enjoy playing solo games, I want to feature you, too. I thought that it’d be awesome to kick off May 1 with a post where a lot of people answer these two questions:

“Why do you play solo board games?”


“What do you enjoy most about playing solo board games?”

Feel free to leave comments in here, or PM me on BGG (dtwiley), or shoot me an email at with your answer to those questions. If you have websites/social media accounts other than your BGG username you want listed, feel free to include that as well.

Hopefully in May I’ll review some games you’ve been wondering about, provide some fun interviews, and also give a shoutout to a ton of solo games out there either already available or currently in development.


Also, speaking of solo games, I played Unbroken for the first time last night (twice, actually). And rather than continue to make excuses as to why I can’t make a video yet with my iPod, I decided to go ahead and start a YouTube channel and throw up my first video where I expressed my first impressions of Unbroken. Check them out here:


One thought on “First Video + Questions for Solo Gamers/Game Developers

  1. “Why do you play solo board games?”

    I don’t have a group to play with but I really enjoy the aspect of working out the narrative of the game and the conditions of winning it. while some says there is little difference between a solo game and a puzzle, i feel that is an unfair comparison. games, solo or not, feel a need of creativity and problem solving and an escape to another time of place or character to dive into.


    “What do you enjoy most about playing solo board games?”

    seeing how a designer creates their AI engine and how it reacts against you as a real player might or might not


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