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Embarking on a Board Game Quest

A few weeks ago I had a revelation: what I need in my life are more quests to complete. Not just of the Tiny Epic version, although I hope to embark on that quest at some point in the future. But rather, I should try and be more thoughtful in planning what games to play when I go to a game night at a local FLGS. After all, it had soured on me over time after being roped into too many games that either played far too long for the game or didn’t fit into my taste in games. I was left in a spot where I wanted to still go and learn new games, but I was finding that just showing up and playing whatever came free next wasn’t leaving me satisfied. I had too many “I could be playing X at home and enjoying time with my wife instead” moments.

That led to me thinking about wanting to do two things: play a lot more Uwe Rosenberg games and playing the rest of the Stonemaier Games titles. I’ve talked before about how Stonemaier has made me a customer for life, and while I’m eager for Charterstone to release I also need to play Euphoria and Between Two Cities. Rosenberg came about because some of my wife’s favorite games are by him, so I thought that’d be a fun quest that we could do together.

Which then got me to considering what other designers I wanted to explore, and Feld ended up being dropped off at the last moment due to having way too many games on the list. He was replaced by a few designers with a smaller title count, which adds to the diversity of the list. I also wanted to explore more heavy games, so I added in a company who specializes in those games as well as the previous nominees for Heavy Cardboard’s annual award.

Which led me to the list. 129 games, all started with a 0 play count even if I’ve previously played them. For some, getting a second play is a nice thing to shoot for, while for others I’d love to get them back to the table again soon.

This is a list stat I’ll be including updates on with each month-end recap post over on my WordPress blog, and I may even do a few posts along the way where I give first impressions from a few of the new games I’ve experienced from this list.

So if you are a local gamer that knows me, these are the games I’d love to play with you! Many of these will likely take some time and coordination to encounter, but it will be worth it. Unless I can punch a ticket to HeavyCon next year, it is unlikely that I’ll make fast progress on this list.

But it gives me something to work toward. And, over time, other designers and publishers might sneak their way onto this list. This may not be a list with a real ending in mind, but rather a way of tracking what I hope to play some day as I try to discover the full range of what some of these designers and publishers have to offer.

The full Geeklist can be found here:…

But, to give you an overview, here are my quests:

Games by Uwe Rosenberg
Games by Ryan Laukat
Games by Ignacy Trzewiczek
Games by Alexander Pfister
Games by Vital Lacerda
Games by Trey Chambers
*Games by Stefan Feld (Added after the post due to strong encouragement from multiple sources to add his games back onto the list)

Games published by Stonemaier Games
Games published by Capstone Games

Games nominated for the Golden Elephant Award

Are there any designers or publishers that you actively try to seek out and play all, or most, of their titles?