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Our goal as reviewers

My aim, with this, is to offer the 2-player perspective on games since 70% of my plays are logged with my wife. We certainly enjoy gaming with others, but every game we consider purchasing typically involves finding out how well it plays with just two. While doing research on games, I’ve found that it can be a challenge to find reviews that are focused around that 2-player only mark and so this is my attempt to remedy that (yes, I am aware there are some excellent bloggers already out there, such as Mina from Mina’s Fresh Cardboard, who look at games with 2-players but there are so many games out there I cannot expect her to get around to them all!)

I also used to be heavy into playing video games, and there has been a shift over the past few years to where I do that less. Sometimes I am more likely to pull out a board game and play that solo instead. So there will also be the occasional review where I look at a game from a solo-player perspective. Typically this will be on a separate review from the two-player review, so some games may eventually get two different reviews.

Our tastes in games

David’s favorite games involve area control, exploration, strategic planning, hand management and/or deckbuilding, and variable powers that allow for replayablility. My favorite themes in games would be fantasy, science fiction, or medieval. I dislike games that are overly random; some level of randomness is fine so long as it is not playing a large role in determining how the game plays out and who will eventually win the game.

Nicole’s favorite games involve worker placement, exploration, set collection, multiple paths to victory, and area control. She is also very skilled at puzzle-like games even though I don’t think they would qualify as being her favorite types of games. Her favorite themes are very similar to my own. She dislikes games where dice rolling are heavily involved, such as Risk, and really dislikes co-op games. As she has stated, she likes to try and beat me at a game rather than try to beat the game.

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Review Copies

Have a game that plays either 1 or 2 player that you think we might enjoy? Feel free to send us an email with a little information about the game. Odds are that I’ll scope it out on BGG and get back to you within a day or two to let you know if I agree that we’d enjoy playing the game.

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Our promise to you, the publisher, is that we will play the game multiple times before writing the review and will include a few images in every review. If we run into any issues with the game that might negatively impact our impression, we promise to email you and discuss those ahead of time and give the game another play or two after the resolution of those issues. We’d be happy to also share any links you wish to provide in the review post, and will email you links as well as share via social media and on BGG.