Editing and Writing Services

Rarely does a single hobby or passion manage to encompass everything a person can provide, and this holds true as well for me. Not only do I love playing board games and providing thoughtful reviews, but I also enjoy writing fictional works and to contribute toward making rulebooks clearer and easier to navigate for the player. I genuinely enjoy my craft of writing, and I am always seeking new ways to expand my contributions to the hobby. I also happen to be the one who primarily learns the rules for a new game in order to teach them to players in my group, which means that I am familiar with many of the frustrations a gamer can encounter when learning and teaching a game. Thus it is time that I formally begin to advertise what I am capable of offering to any interested parties:

Rulebook Editing Service: Proofreading

This is the most basic level of service, where the primary focus is on making sure you have a clean and consistent version of your rules. While there might be suggestions on the ordering and placement of information, those are not the primary focus on this level of editing. This service is designed to help improve what already exists. At this level I would also desire to review the components of your game for the same service, although it would not need to be a mandatory inclusion.

Rulebook Editing Service: Copyediting

This is the more advanced level of service where everything in the rulebook is scrutinized, not just looking for errors but for ways in which the overall package can be improved for the player. This will likely involve multiple communications containing questions about the information you are trying to convey, suggestions about how things could be improved for clarity, and consideration on how ideas are presented and in what order in the rulebook. This process is intended to take the foundation you’ve already built and help come up with ways to make a more player-friendly and intuitive rulebook. With this level I would also want to review the components of your game, making sure the text on cards, boards, and everything else going into your game presents a unified package.

Writing Service: Blog Posts

This service is for those who wish to have a platform to share information with their fans, but may struggle to find the time to generate regular posts about your games and other products. I have personally managed and maintained a multitude of blogs over the course of the past decade, and I am very familiar with how to navigate the interface on WordPress. This service has many different avenues we could take together, from the basics of simply providing the written posts up to managing and maintaining the posts inside your blogging interface for you. The frequency of posts can be negotiated as well, ranging from weekly posts to occasional posts when you have something to announce.

Since the beginning of 2019, I have been providing regular blog content for Button Shy Games, and you can check out some of what I have offered by checking out their blog.

Writing Service: Newsletter/Updates

Do you have a monthly newsletter, or have aspirations of starting one? Do you want to send updates to your Kickstarter backers but don’t have the time to sit down and write more than a few sentences? Let’s discuss ways in which we can partner together in order to help provide timely, informative content to convey to your backers or followers.

Writing Service: World Crafting/Lore Building

There are few services that would give me more joy than crafting fiction to pair with your game. My strongest genre for writing has always been fantasy, followed by Science Fiction, but I am happy to consider writing fiction for your gaming project. Whether you are seeking just introductory overview fiction to include in your rulebook, short stories to enhance the game’s world, or full-blown worldbuilding, I would love to chat with you and find a way to meet your needs.

Writing Service: Flavor Text

Almost as an add-on to the above option, although this can certainly exist separately from it, comes the writing of flavor text on cards. This flavor text alone can craft an experience for the gamer and I would want to work with you to make sure your players are receiving the desired experience from this extraneous aspect of the game’s cards.

Pricing and Contact Information

As of right now there is no hard and fast rule for the pricing of these services, as every game and every project is different in terms of the length of rulebook, the number of components, and the amount of information that may need to be provided. What I can promise you is that I will communicate early and often at the beginning of our correspondence to get a full understanding of what you want, the scope of the service/project, your budgetary needs, and provide a fair price with a reasonable turnaround time. Before we begin on any partnership, I promise to make sure we are in agreement about what you are looking for and the price being offered for that service will be competitive. There is no risk to reaching out and asking for a price, and any information about your product will remain confidential between our correspondence.

I can be reached via email at cardboardclash7@gmail.com, and I promise to respond to any initial request within the first 24 hours because I understand that your time is precious.