Solo Month 2018

Okay, while things may still be prone to change at the last minute, many of these posts are already written and scheduled to release around 7:00 a.m. Central Time on the date listed below. Consider this post as the one to bookmark, as I will be returning to include links to the posts each morning after the post goes live. I’ve got a TON of content jammed in here, so much that I will be pumping out something every. single. day. Yep, counting this one that will make 32 consecutive posts.

I hope this upcoming month will not only bring new players to try out solo gaming, but also help introduce you to games or designers you may not have heard of before. After all, this is a COMMUNITY in the board gaming world, and this is just me trying to do a small part toward helping others grow and flourish. Which is why some of the games I initially intended to review, such as Mage Knight and Lord of the Rings LCG, have fallen off. They are excellent games and very worthy of your time. Apart from Friday and Scythe, this is all about showing off games either not known for solo play (such as Vast) or for introducing you to newer or less-mainstream games.


1 – Solo Month has arrived!

2 –Solitaire Entries in the 2018 9-Card Nanogame PnP Contest

3 – Unbroken Review

4 – Interview with Artem Safarov

5 – Doctor Who SSG Mini Review & Feature

6 – Designer Spotlight: Chris Hansen

7 – Chris Hansen: The Benefits of Designing Within a BGG Contest

8 – Interview with Jey Legarie, Designer of Dungeon Crawler

9 – Review of Vast: The Crystal Caverns

10 – Solo Game Spotlight #1

11 – Scythe Review

12 – Interview with Morten Monrad-Petersen

13 – Assembly Review

14 – Interview with Wren Games

15 – Mini Reviews: Mini Rogue, Constantinople, Endless Nightmare, Agent Decker

16 – Designer Spotlight: Scott Allen

17 – Interview with Scott Allen

18 – Review of Sprawlopolis

19 – Interview with Both Sides of My Table

20 – Solo Game Spotlight #2

21 – Review of Black Sonata

22 – Interview with Tristan Hall

23 – Designer Spotlight: Todd Sanders

24 – Interview with Todd Sanders

25 – Review of Circuit Breaker

26 – Interview with Low Player Count

27 – Interview with Carla Kopp

28 – Friday Review

29 – How Friday is Inspiring “Out of Gas”

30 – Solo Game Spotlight #3

31 – Solo month Recap & Top 100 Solo Games on BGG