Sponsors and Partners

Sponsors and Partners

This Blog is mostly self-funded and maintained, but from time to time I do get help from sponsors in the form of products to review in exchange for an honest review.  Below is a list of the companies that have helped Cardboard Clash along with links to some of the products that they have provided.



Osprey Publishing has provided review copies of Shahrazad, The King is Dead, Odin’s Ravens, Frostgrave, Frostgrave: Ulterior Motives, The Ravens of Thri Sashiri, and Zoo Ball. We’ve really enjoyed the games we’ve played so far, and can’t wait to dive into the others in the near future. Many thanks to Osprey for everything they’ve sent so far!


Jasco Games has provided review copies of Albion’s Legacy, Sherwood’s Legacy, and Neverland’s Legacy. We’ve greatly enjoyed the playthroughs of the games so far and cannot wait to start reviewing them.


Capstone Games is a publisher of heavy games and has provided review copies of Haspelknecht: The Story of Early Coal Mining and Lignum. We have had a great experience so far working with Clay and his company and thank them for their support.


Academy Games, publisher of games with historical and educational value, has provided a review copy of Freedom: The Underground Railroad. We enjoyed our plays of this game and thank Uwe and team for their support.


GMT Games, a company best known for their wargames, has provided a review copy of Battle Line. This 2-Player card-driven game isn’t what you’d call a wargame, but it was a wonderful game and we’re thankful for their support.


Tasty Minstrel Games has provided a review copy of Yokohama. They also were generous enough to provide a copy to give away to one lucky winner. We enjoyed our plays of this great game and are appreciative of the support TMG provided.


Devir Games has provided a review copy of Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft. This 2-player only worker placement game was a huge hit for us, and we cannot thank them enough for providing a copy of the game.


Tiny Battle Publishing, a company that produces wargames with a small number of components, has provided a review copy of Stamford Bridge: End of the Viking Age. We are thankful for their support.


Flying Pig Games, a wargame producer, has provided a review copy of Night of Man. We are very thankful for their support!


Looney Labs has provided a review copy of Chrononauts and the game is already exceeding every expectation we had for it. Many thanks to Looney Labs for the copy of the game.


Rainn Studios has provided a review copy of Incantris. We are appreciative of their support and cannot wait to get a chance to play this game.


Mayfair Games has provided a review copy of Caverna: Cave vs. Cave. With how much my wife enjoys Caverna and Agricola, this one is bound to be a hit when we get it to the table.



This site is not a member site anywhere yet, but I hope to find some partnerships in the near future!