Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

Since this website started on March 29, 2017, it has seen a great response from the board game community in general. Considering the age of Cardboard Clash, its pageview count is doing well and continues to grow. Aside from support from readers, it is the support from games companies that helps keep this site fresh and allows me to review both old favorites and the newer lines of games that are hitting the shelves.

For companies that choose to support Cardboard Clash by sending review products, I can offer a spot on my “Current Sponsors” sidebar for a set duration of time as well as an indefinite listing on my Sponsors and Partners page as a “thank you.” The company will also get more exposure on the web as I will be writing about their products.

If you are a business with a product that you would like to have reviewed on Cardboard Clash, please get in touch with me by email at david.wiley0@gmail.com or by messaging Cardboard Clash on Facebook.

Items of particular interest include…

  • Board Games (**Note: the focus is on how the game plays with either 1 or 2-players, so if your game plays 3+ only, it isn’t likely to be a game we’d review)
  • Board Game Storage Solutions
  • Board Game Accessories
  • Star Wars: Destiny products and accessories
  • Wargame and Hobby Accessories.
  • Local Events (Central Iowa).

For a little more on what our personal tastes in games are, check out our About Us link.

I like to keep a positive tone in what I write, but I also strive to keep the reviews honest. I don’t assign numeric values (or scores) to the products, but rather present the reader with what the product is and give my opinion on how it plays overall and at the target player count. I will also try to list the positive items about the item while giving some criticisms too.
Our promise to you, the publisher, is that we will play the game at least five times before writing the review and will include a few images in every review. If we run into any issues with the game that might negatively impact our impression, we promise to email you and discuss those ahead of time and give the game another play or two after the resolution of those issues. We’d be happy to also share any links you wish to provide in the review post, and will email you links as well as share via social media and on BGG.