Spring of Solitaire 2019

In case you missed it, I am making this Spring season an entire season dedicated primarily to solitaire gaming. Sure, there may be the occasional 2-player review as I clear up the last of my queue of review games but at least 90% of the content will be focused on creating content around the solo experience. And so here is the master list where I’ll be linking up to everything as they go live:

Spring of Solitaire Announcement (You can get an idea of some of the games that will be covered by checking this out)

Written Reviews

At the Gates of Loyang
Pocket Landship
Robin Hood: Hero of the People

First Impression Posts

1066 Tears to Many Mothers, ELO Darkness, Maquis, Mint Works, Palm Island

At the Gates of Loyang, Chain Mail, The City of Kings, Forge War, Roll Player